So Predictable, The George Zimmerman Trial

Trayvon MartinThe night of February, 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman lives tragically intersected. Zimmerman, in a neighborhood organized effort to prevent young black uneducated males from breaking into their homes followed Martin, a young man that fit the description of the perpetrators. Zimmerman broke off surveillance of Martin, as recommended by 911 dispatch. Meanwhile, Trayvon informed his girlfriend by cell phone he was being followed by “a white ass cracker” minutes later attacking Zimmerman severely enough that George feared for his life and defended himself.

George ZimmermanThese are trial facts generated from police reports and testimony mostly from prosecution witnesses. A jury of six women, five whites and one Hispanic, found George Zimmerman not guilty after two days of deliberations.

Sanford, Florida, where the shooting took place was prepared for violence. Saturday prior to the verdict’s release, Sanford policemen went door to door urging calm in the black communities. Considering the facts of the trial what does that say for a race?

The shooting was investigated and Sanford’s police chief did not see a crime to present to the district attorney. Police chief Bill Lee was pressured by the black city manager and several black city councilmen to make an arrest. Lee refused stating no probable cause and was fired. Not until media pressure and groups like the Black Panthers got involved, which have a history as pure as the KKK, did the state appoint a special prosecutor. This is where the predictable behavior begins. The race card was played. CNN invented a new term, white-hispanic! George Zimmerman has a Caucasian father and a Hispanic mother, but the pathetic news organization knew pitting the races would be good for ratings. Even our president could not resist weighing in on a small town murder trial making a comment last week that was ripe with racial overtones. Doesn’t he have more pressing matters to attend to like trillions of debt, a rapidly growing list of countries that are seeking our demise or a political system so deeply divided it is paralyzed?

I am a realist and I am not afraid to identify problems proposing workable solutions. The majority of Blacks in America are in critical condition. If the black race was an animal conservation groups would be up in arms to protect them with federal endangered species laws. There is nothing equal about the black and white races in today’s society. Before I am dismissed as a racist here are the facts: Over 70% of blacks are born to single mothers the majority of which are teenagers. The grandmother figures with connections to a traditional family that historically have raised these children are dying off at an exponential rate and there is a baby boom among impoverished blacks. The high school graduation rate for blacks is in a steep decline. It is not a racial bias that our prison system is already filled with black males. The influx of Hispanic and Asian immigrants are leaving African Americans in the dust in terms of graduation rates and percentage growth in the work force.

lbj-signing-civil-rights-act-of-1964LBJ, paying poor blacks to have babies did not work and never had a chance in hell of creating equality between the races. More of the same is like throwing gasoline on a roaring fire. We are in a crisis hundreds of years in the making. Blame and race baiting will solve nothing. We face generations of black children having children, ignorance abounds as a result. Black leaders in present day ignore reality and selfishness motivates them to keep the hate alive only to maintain relevance among the growing population of poor uneducated African Americans. Our president has wasted a golden opportunity to be a great leader by not addressing the cultural problems of the race he claims. White grandparents saved his life. He comprehends the realities of the races, but chooses not to face it much like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

I do not see a black leader with the courage to speak the truth. I do not see a white leader with the courage to speak the truth and if a rare individual possessing enough backbone not to lead by polls or concern over reelection his or her efforts would be drown out by cries of racism from the ignorant masses. Not until the majority of educated hard working Americans get fed up like George Zimmerman’s neighborhood and force change will anything happen. I fear like school shootings politicians will present spineless painless do nothing solutions like more gun control. Educate the ignorant minority before they quickly become the majority devastating this democracy. Look at Detroit if you white flighters are naive enough to think this will not occur soon on a major scale.  I don’t give a damn what color ignorance is, it will humble this nation to its knees in our children’s lifetime. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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