Some of the Greats

some of the greats

The photograph above came up on my facebook feed earlier this week. At first it brought a big smile to my face along with a flood of good and prideful memories. I almost asked Chloe our sixteen year old daughter if she recognized any of the individuals before catching myself. Most had died in her early childhood or before. Then my thoughts turned melancholy thinking two thoughts primarily; the measure of greatness has stumbled and I suppose in our disposable society longevity of careers is something of the past.

I would hate to aspire to be a comedian or singer in today’s market. Fifteen minutes of fame has dieted and become gone in sixty seconds. Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra were continuing to fill halls up to their deaths. I know it is not the quality of rising stars that is deficient I have seen hysterical comics and voices that don’t compare become hasbeens prematurely, because of decreasing attention spans. The greatest cowboy ever John Wayne wouldn’t have a chance in the present market. Think of the quality of movies and television today, Fast and Furious 6 and The Kardashians? That makes me embarrassed for this nation.

Mr. Smith got shanghaied going to Washington! Let me state for the record I do not have a horse in the race, I find both political parties equally inept and disgusting. This last presidential election I did what my grandfather Ernest Jayne use to call wintering his vote when the Squire of Johnson County in the Common Wealth state of Kentucky could not bring himself to vote for either candidate. Obama had a horrid track record going into the election. To unseat him should have been as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, but it was not a contest. It was like the country gave a first baseman that never batted above the Medoza Line a four year fifty million guaranteed contract, because there is no one in the system coming up. I always welcome comments, but I particularly invite comments to the question, do you feel the bench is thin of All Stars? Does it seem like the farm system of political candidates is more Dean Martin like than Ronald Regan?

Why have we dumbed down as a country seemingly over night, expecting less of ourselves and celebrating failure in others? We have become a voyeuristic society lacking self discipline to keep our eyes off of a fatal accident. I would like to think we are nearing the end of a pendulum swing, but it feels more like being in an aircraft that has lost all control surfaces, nose diving and approaching maximum velocity.

WOW! I had no idea I would end up here after studying this photograph. Am I turning into a grumpy old man or do some share my sentiments? Have a great day! dj

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  1. Kelley (with 2 E's) says:

    I would agree that the bench of All-Stars is steadily decreasing. With social media and the tabloids crushing any hero image we have in todays world. Its hard to find anyone to fill the shoes of the late greats. Sometimes its better to not know all the negative and baggage of others. Today’s world is lacking role models and hero’s and I for one believe that the next generation is in need of real All-Stars to fill the bench. What I would give for my boys to know The Duke in his finest or Dirty Harry. Love the picture and the great post.

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