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Good morning everyone! Sorry I did not post anything Friday. Living in the country our only internet options are dial up and satellite. We use HughesNet, because anything is better than dial up. The problem with satellite is the usage is quite limited even with the highest data plan. During the night Thursday we reached our data limit and Friday morning no internet. If my dear friend Harmon Gunter was still around he would say, “I wouldn’t spank a dog in the ass with that.” I never asked my long time hunting and fishing buddy to clarify the meaning of that saying, but the context was used consistently and it was obvious something wasn’t worth a damn! I miss my friend.

Not to let this tax day over shadow a wonderful event, I want to wish Judy Gumper a very happy birthday! Judy is my incredible mother-in-law who is more like a Mom than “in-law.” Yes, years before the movie Carey anchored the mile relay in high school and she was cheered on by her classmates yelling “Run Gump!”

Now the rest of the story. In the fall of 2000 Bill Torpy with The Atlanta Journal and Constitution felt it necessary to write an article about yours truly. Since ALS is considered an orphan disease, which means not enough people die from it annually to attract significant research funding, I am always game for an opportunity to generate awareness regarding this horrific disease. Getting off track a moment, living 28 years with ALS and living happily is not the reality of this disease. als63_jayneMost ALS sufferers are overwhelmed by physical loss after physical loss and all of the ramifications that follow then they suffocate to death. That is the reality of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease.

During this opportunity to make others aware of ALS, I also had a bee in my bonnet. I was receiving Medicare funded home health services since 1997. To be a beneficiary of these benefits I must be homebound, which meant I could not leave the house with exception of medical appointments and church services or risk discharge from home health services. I had been discharged twice, once for displaying a photograph from a MDA telethon appearance and the second for attending the funeral of a friend that had succumbed to ALS. The Georgia Advocacy Office fought to restore my services. The part I despised most is the homebound restriction made me dishonest in order to participate in my children’s activities. This damn disease had robbed Hannah and Hunter of so much I was not going to stand for the government imprisoning me in my home. I was ready for a fight.

More tomorrow….. Have a great day! dj

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  1. steve borne says:

    Good morning Dave!!! I don’t see where to donate. I got a couple Benjamin’s that want to move to your bank! Let me know. Could you do me a favor and watch “THE SECRET” it’s on Netflix. We can have some great discussion afterwards. Love ya man!!!

  2. lu clark says:

    Love you”!!

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