Surprise Yourself!

Can you recall the exhilaration of accomplishment as a child when achieving something you were certain was beyond the realm of possibility or just too chicken to attempt? Savoring the feat was all the sweeter when goaded on by a double dog dare ya bet. Remember?

The innocence of childhood, right? I say wrong! A long time friend of mine posted the following recently as his Facebook status: When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Dante shared this pearl to elicit a rise from his friends because he has a fantastic youthful life perspective. Sadly many wear that statement as a badge of honor. Why? Has tearing pages off a calendar been that jading you no longer belly laugh at the sound of flatulence? A good rip still cracks me up. The beauty of youth, possibilities are void of limiting boundaries. Superman can stop a speeding bullet. I was certain my Dad could do anything.

That childhood belief that anything is possible brought us to the moon, invents medications that saves lives and creates phenomenal technologies that prevented me from being a rotted vegetable. Why did you let go of the most empowering asset you will ever possess? The best news is it’s retrievable.

As a child before I was taught to swim I was playing follow the leader with several older boys at a local lake. We had been in and out of the water on quite a few occasions that didn’t require swimming skills so I thought nothing of it when the leader launched himself from the end of a long block wall extending out into the lake(could be another moral here). I kept waiting for my feet to reach bottom, they never did. I was a little squirt so I was sure no one had ever been this deep under water. I wasn’t familiar with OH SHIT yet, but it was definitely one of those moments. I remember thinking like it was yesterday you have to get to the surface and get to shore. I’m certain Mark Spitz wouldn’t have been impressed with the stroke, but obviously I survived that brush with death. The decision to achieve the seemingly impossible and the sense of accomplishment has never abandoned me.

No, I do not believe thinking limitless positive thoughts is going to cure the ALS ravaging my body, I do know with absolute certainty this attitude has enabled me to overcome challenges beyond the realm of possibility or too chicken to attempt. I know there are people reading today that have allowed others to manipulate and control their lives to the point optimism seems impossible. It is there for the seizing. Seek and allow positive thoughts to permeate your being, it’s contagious, then decide enough! For my friends battling unimaginable physical challenges that have beaten you down emotionally there are solutions most important life exists beyond diagnosis.

Turn back the clock to double dog dare yourself and return to thinking without limits. Experience that enormous sense of achievement again. It is a decision away. Surprise yourself! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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