Taking Chances

I have a good friend preparing for Army Ranger School. While defending our freedom in Afghanistan Seth was offered this opportunity. Quite an honor that he humbly down plays. He wants to complete his education, but he is postponing his return to college to face this challenge. They are going to kick his ass and keep kicking when he is down. In advance he is aware less than a third of Ranger candidates graduate without repeating sections, recycled, and many wash out completely. Why do it when he could be comfortable and giving me a hard time about Georgia football games? Taking chances is the only way to experience life.

I have thrived on working without a net. The greater the risk the greater the reward, but I loved discovering my limitations then extending boundaries. This held true for every aspect of my life except matters of the heart. When physically able filling days with activities made this denial nearly painless, idleness revealed the cavernous void. Disability curtailed the maddening pace of distraction, but bruising emotional losses reinforced the walls surrounding my heart. After too many precious years forfeited an epiphany, living in a shell did not shelter me from hurt it only retarded my ability to live fully.

Taking chances incorporates the opportunity to fail, itโ€™s guaranteed. Disappointments are a certainty too when climbing out on a limb. The valleys of life foster an appreciative perspective for the times we live for. Retreating only cheats one out of experiences good and bad. Take a chance . Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day! dj

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    good point ๐Ÿ™‚

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