The Middle of the Road

I always liked Loudon Wainwright III’s folk song “Dead Skunk.” The song was released when I was eleven so perfectly timed when a boy loves everything gross. Remember?

You got yer

Dead skunk in the middle of the road

Dead skunk in the middle of the road

You got yer dead skunk in the middle of the road

Stinkin’ to high Heaven!

Well that little boy never left completely, but as I have aged there has been a greater appreciation for the middle of the road, moderation, Back in my  Middle of the roadcollege days when I crammed four years into five, my political pendulum swung to the right when most swung left. Don’t worry, I was equally unreasonable and obnoxious as the left maybe more so, but more concerned with swinging from the rafters and dancing on top of the chimney in the buff.

I wouldn’t say homophobic just very ignorant in my youth. My father always spoke of homosexual livestock back in his days on the farm. I’m a little slow on the uptake; it took too much time for me to make the correlation if animals then humans. Not until a close friend I had known since we were twelve told me he was gay and had been attracted to males since he was nine did it click. I’m embarrassed to say it took over forty years to understand. After the enlightenment it was so clear to me, who would choose a life of ridicule and discrimination from the ignorant masses? This was easy to see from the middle of the road.

I was raised Catholic in the South. That combination mixed like oil and water in the sixties and seventies. Little league football was where I learned the entire Lord’s Prayer; Catholics say Amen before Thine is the kingdom……     I have since left the ritualized aerobic church, but looking back it was much more moderate than many of these hell fire and brimstone churches of the Bible belt. Growing up hunting with my Dad I learned to be observant of my surroundings. In high school I noticed a common theme, the majority of kids getting commode hugging drunk, pregnant and in trouble came from families that had tee totaling extremely religious parents. Isn’t the responsibility of parents’ is to raise well adjusted balanced children? I find that impossible to accomplish when operating from an extreme position.

Getting back to politics, my views have moderated to some extent mostly just disgust. The experience of amending a law on the national level nauseated me forever. Possibly you have heard the saying passing legislation is like making sausage, the product is good but you don’t want to watch it being made? I discovered first hand why this is true. Elected officials are corrupted by power, the higher the office the more they will prostitute themselves protecting the power they have and grabbing more. The arrogance is astonishing! There are no Mr. Smiths remaining in Washington. The corrupting power grab is just as bad on the local level. The Jaynes have made a name for ourselves in Coweta County, but in the worst way. We have infringed on the power of several departments and they find it necessary to flex their muscle. During all of this upheaval with the building department a letter arrived Friday from the tax assessor’s office. It was immediately obvious it was written by someone that had always sucked on the government’s teat and never held a real job. The letter stated the previous owner entered a covenant and the sale of the property put him in breach of that promise. Because the covenant was broken tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes will be levied on the real estate if we do not make application within thirty days. I promise that vague and threatening. It was just the wrong day to send me threatening correspondence from this county. I blasted the author’s boss and he apologized offering to email an application to continue the property’s particularr exemption in return for a ten dollar check. Now, a moderate individual would initiate the communication like the chief assessor did after being raked through the coals.

Even the good book promotes moderation. It seems those operating from the fringes are most susceptible to drink the Kool-Aid. I have had people in my life that latch onto extreme beliefs and offensively force their opinions on others then soon move on to the next bizarre thing to come along. I have had hands laid on me, holy water sprinkled on me, anointing oil rubbed on me, special prayers and masses said for me all attempting to heal me. Now that is fringe material and not shining a very positive light on a loving creator that would pick and choose. Steady as she goes has been my approach on this seated journey. Of course there are some things I would never do moderately like love Carey, but a good place to be when navigating through life is in the middle of the road. Have a great day! dj

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  2. Chelseaaa says:

    Yeah! I agree! I love you!

  3. Carol Magruder says:

    I agree with you 100%. While many of my friends have chosen sides, I have always remained in the “middle of the road.” And there have been times others have tried to run over me, but I have stayed in the middle:).

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