The Mirror

How much time do spend in front of mirror? What do you see? A success or unrealized dreams? In the last two decades I image I have seen myself in a mirror a dozen times. It has not been an intentional avoidance just not comfortable asking someone to hold a mirror so I can admire myself or discover flaws. Ladies, it’s my best beauty secret I’m giving away for free. I still picture myself in the mid to late twenties.

In the beginning all I saw were broken dreams. It was a destructive perspective. Always regretting and wishing I could have a chance to exploit my potential. My only motivation to live was a driving responsibility to be a father to my children. Granted the five years prior to going on the ventilator was a daily struggle to remain above the dirt, but I wasted precious time I didn’t possess not living fully.

We all have burdens mine are no greater than yours just physically obvious. Everyone has a cross to bear, some self-inflicted and others with no explanation. So we’re all in the same sinking boat. A negative perspective you question? Perhaps. I have learned weathering many storms that nothing lasts forever on this big blue marble, raging waters calm and the good in life requires nurturing to sustain. Living with a glass half full attitude is laborious, but anything worthwhile during this visit demands effort to achieve.

Your life is now, not I’m going to or should of would of could of. Yes, my heart was set on Alaska and owning a fishing guide service. There isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind by now there would be a fleet of DeHavilland Beavers on floats tied off to the dock that looks up to a beautiful rustic lodge nestled in the mountainside, but my life is evolving in this moment. I am sitting in the evening shade of a water maple enjoying the cool breeze chill my reed thin arms and laughing at a tiny spider tickling my nose as I write this post (and rockin out to Head East, Never Been Any Reason). Life happens. As soon as I find a pair of waders that fit this wheelchair I’m Yukon bound, until then I refuse to waste another second not living life fully.

If you see unrealized dreams you’re a decision away from changing your life. A mirror cannot reveal what is truly beautiful about you. It is up to you to show the world and make things happen. The power of decision is life altering, life saving. Seize the potential. Have a great day! dj

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  1. Amy says:

    I hope that you find those waders and when you do I hope I will be there to watch. Don't forget you owe me a lesson on fly fishing. Your words are beautiful and moving and life changing! Amy H

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