There Is Nothing To Fear

I recall being filled with fear as a young child. My boogie man was the unknown. Around puberty I realized fear was limiting experiences. After sticking my toe in the water I soon morphed into an adrenaline junkie.

It was not that I did not care, it’s much better than that. Fear did not influence my decisions. Thoughts were clear and actions decisive.

There is nothing to fear.

There is nothing to fear.

Fearless living is the only way to experience the brief layover we have on this big blue marble. Yes, life still happens, but it is dealt with in the present moment rather than wasting precious time and energy worrying. Lessons are learned and one moves forward.

It was wonderful preparation for this seated journey. ALS is never shy with presenting challenges. They are addressed head on, solutions manufactured and I get back to living.

The ultimate fear is death I suppose. I am very excited about moving on with this awakening. I know without a shred of doubt life continues. It’s not that my faith is powerful I have experienced glimpses. Excited, but not ready I haven’t chewed all the sweet out of this stick of chewing gum.

There is nothing to fear. If your mind is filled with doubt know that is your ego lying attempting to justify its conscious existence. Smash those old records that keep playing fueling fears. In time you will discover unlimited inner strength, determination, perseverance and a quiet confidence that anything is possible.

If interested in changing the direction of your life please read Break The Habit Of Being Yourself, by Joe Dispenza available at Amazon.


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