Under Pressure

Under PressureUnder Pressure, how do you react? The gambit of reactions when individuals face stressful situations is infinite. Some have a nervous giggle, some have to instantly urinate while others decapitate anyone in the vicinity when under the gun.

fearHollywood has created an industry by capitalizing on the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what life has in store can be paralyzing. Why? The mind is a sponge soaking up negative influences instantly and can play out dozens of failed scenarios before turning the corner. Why are humans so fearful of failing? Do you think poorly of a big clumsy puppy falling all over itself? Of course not, likely smile and feel empathetic. I have yet to meet anyone possessing perfection, sure as hell isn’t me. The truth is the world is too busy to notice your stumbles. If someone is going to waste precious time casting judgmental editorial does it really matter in the big picture? Most who judge and spew hatefulness are weak envious angry people that should be ignored.

The unknown can create self-doubt. In a life or death situation people are constantly performing super human feats. Why? Fears and doubts are ejected, because a life hangs in the balance. Believe in yourself like a life hangs in the balance, because one does and it’s yours.

root canalChange can be worse than a daily root canal for the unfortunate that require uniformity and smooth sailing in their lives. There is nothing like the comforts of home, familiarity and routine, but change creates opportunities. Approaching five years ago it was recommended that I create a facebook account to assist in planning a high school reunion. I did and it aided greatly in the planning. One day I began receiving friend requests from ALS sufferers and their families in Brazil. I still do not know why, but I had not joined the ALS community on facebook because I was a coward. I resisted due to losing so many friends to this horrific disease over the decades, but I found my manhood and became a facebook whore friending anyone associated with ALS. In that resisted change the opportunity was created to meet the love of my life.wedding Hot damn! Change for those who resist if should look at it like breaking in a leather pair shoes, in the beginning there will be discomfort maybe even pain, but seeing it through the day arrives those stiff uncomfortable clodhoppers feel like kid gloves.

grizzlyThere are those who under pressure are cool as a cucumber. June of 1985 a Cessna 185 on floats dropped my Dad, Ed Painter and I off in the wilderness of Alaska for a week. The black bears were thick as pigeons in Jackson Square. We would fish with them blowing a whistle if one came too close, but always yielding to the residents. When we would retire for the evening the brown bears would come down off the mountains and fish. I had finally fallen asleep over the two buzz saws snoring when I felt something hit one of the tent’s guy ropes. I slipped out of the sleeping bag and on my hand and knees crawled to the window and pulled down the flap. On the other side of the mosquito netting a foot away from my nose was a massive grizzly. I did what any rugged outdoorsman would do, I screamed like a girl, well maybe it was like a startled sound when someone sneaks up from behind and gooses you. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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