What is Holding You Back?

Do you know someone that always talks a grand plan, but never makes progress and often their goals change as often as men in command of the remote control? One of our daughters was seeing a young man with a plethora of honorable goals though he was not taking steps towards achievement. I cautioned our daughter who was a bit enamored with his plans that he might be a “gonnabe.” She questioned what is that? I answered, “he’s going to be this he’s going to be that, but never does anything “ 

ears loweredSaturday Carey and I saw a buddy of mine I have known since he and I  were twelve. Someone in the room asked what year I was born? Carey answered and Tim exclaimed, “64! He has told you a whopper if you think David’s under 50!” His old man hearing incorrectly heard my wife, but the thought consumed me that these two little boys I can still clearly picture are over fifty! Definitely not a matter of vanity, I’m proud of my expanding forehead and what hair that hasn’t turned loose is turning gray. Doctors predicted I would not see thirty. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. I am not where I want to be, am I a gonnabe?

Time is the most precious asset on earth. I started this post Sunday morning with no idea that twelve hours later my life would take a dramatic change. I have to say goodbye to blogging regularly, because after 22 years I am coming out of retirement. A dear friend visited yesterday and made a proposal I could not refuse. My friend purchased Words+, the company that created E Z Keys, the augmentative communication software I use. Things are still coming together, but the owner is a genius, innovative and compassionate so expect the impossible. E Z Keys for Windows 8 is coming first, cutting edge computer interface and it looks like the wheelchair driving system I designed has found a home. I will be helping others have a voice. What could possibly be better than that? I will keep the blog online and post updates occasionally.

When it seems to continually hit the fan, give it a day or two or three…….. I really appreciate everyone that has visited the blog, the numbers have been phenomenal. The unexpected destination continues. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

20 comments on “What is Holding You Back?
  1. Chelsea says:

    I’m gonna miss your blog, but that is awesome!!

  2. Lisa says:

    How exciting is this!!! I am so happy for you and your family. I am really excited for the people you are going to help! Love you!

  3. Michael Teasley says:

    Awesome news, David!! Your readers will continue checking for more inspirational gems!

  4. Fran says:

    That is just fantastic. What a great opportunity for you. God always has a plan. What a blessing he has given you. Take Care and many blessing in your new endeavor.

  5. Rhonda Lanier Moye says:

    …and what a voice you have David! keep up the great work! I think you could have “impossible” removed from the English dictionary!

  6. Heather Hagen says:

    Congratulations David!! Best of luck on your new journey!! Also want to let you know I found this entry very inspiring!! Thank you!!

  7. Dave in WV says:

    When will Words+ be back in operation? I have been a loyal customer/client since ’93.

    • David Jayne says:

      Dave, putting in phone systems, setting up tech support, moving everything cross country. Hope to have the site up next week with further updates

  8. Doug Flint says:

    I have used EZKEYS for 18 years and it changed my life. I’m so pleased it’s back.

  9. Doug Bradley says:

    This is great David, good luck on your new adventure!

  10. Annie says:

    How perfect for you! Ken has retired from Allgood as of last Thursday to do KenCan!

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