When The Hits Keep Coming

My wife Carey was born and raised in Western Michigan. For the most part she is accent free similar to the fly over states, but there were a few words I had to retrain my Southern ears to hearing. The first time I heard, “I need to do my ruts” I thought we were going four wheelin in the van. I was quite disappointed when I questioned, “What?” and she pointed at her rOOts.

My first car was a VW Beetle that I drove like a monster truck. The road to deer camp had a thirty yard long mud puddle, it never dried up. In the puddle were two deep ruts (not roots Love) my Bug would bottom out on and the tires would still be spinning. To avoid bottoming out I would build my bugup speed and straddle one rut driving like a light blue bat out of hell slipping and sliding to the other end. Unfortunately, the ruts of life we get bogged down in don’t have warning signs. We plod along and the next thing we know we are hopelessly stuck in the muck and mire. This is when we are certain life is not fair,because It seems when one is down the hits just keep coming.

Carey has asked me several times over the last few years how have I done it or how do I do it? First let me say I ain’t Superman and there have been many times I am certain I have nothing left, but in the repetition of the hits I have learned many valuable lessons. The first one, life is not unfair or fair, life just is. When one realizes this and stops feeling victimized or angry about life it opens a vast world of self empowering opportunities. If you’re in a fight and you cover your head in a defensive/victim posture eliminating all of your senses except pain life is going to kick your ass. It is totally healthy and understandable to get down even knocked down by events in life, but come up swinging! Get angry, not about what you feel life has done to you rather get good and pissed off about what you are doing to yourself with thoughts and actions then make decisions that will move you forward.

Second, if you’re in a rut stop digging! So often we are our worst enemy making situations worse or totally creating problems ourselves.

Third, country singer Gary Allan released a song that is so true titled Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain). Nothing on this big blue marble last forever, difficult times will pass and anything good is like a garden, it will go to weeds without attention.

Fourth, don’t pray to win the lottery. The last quarter century has been a vacuum for me God wise. I wasted too much precious time praying and hoping to be cured. Not until I got angry and came up swinging did my life change in positive ways. If you’re the praying type and your world is caving in, pray for strength, endurance, determination, perseverance, patience and have faith in your own abilities. I’m sorry, but the Christian faith can be very disabling when taught by ignorant individuals. We are born with God given strengths and talents supposedly and if we run to a creator every time we stub our toe turning everything over to God sets us up for enormous disappointments. As a father nothing brings me more joy than seeing my children utilize the tools I have provided to become happy well adjusted independent adults. I would hope a Devine Creator would desire the same for me.

Fifth, do not allow your hope to be extinguished. If you prefer this side of the dirt it is your responsibility to keep the flame of hope burning. Do not look to others to enable your weaknesses, but most definitely reach out for an assisting hand to get to the other side. When events back me into a desperately hopeless corner where no solutions seem to exist I get a burning in my gut, because I despise quitting with all that I am. After so much effort invested to reach 52 I hate not exhausting every possibility. We are in a pretty dark place with Carey’s health right now. She is very discouraged, frustrated and beaten down from hurting, but I know this storm will run out of rain and we will give it another day.

Have a great day! dj

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  1. Carey says:

    You inspire me everyday Love!!

  2. AJ Podboy says:

    Too funny. 6′ 4″ me, had that same car…mine as a 72. I put snow tires & a ski rack on it & although the heat hardly kept up in a blizzard it would slide over 17″ of snow.
    You & yours are an inspiration. I have loved reconnecting & will never forget your role modeling when faced with that less than accessible winding flight of stairs in Key West.
    One thing I try to avoid is the word “sorry”. I apologize…normally for an inconvenience. You, my friend, have nothing to be sorry for.
    I am blessed, I found grace & Spirit (some call it Holy you call it what you want) a long time ago. You have Spirit & always have. It does have a lot to do with attitude – “if you say you can’t you won’t”. I call it in tune with the Universe…I love singing Psalms too – that David, he sure could write ’em… But that’s what “works” for me.
    I am blessed you’re in my life – DAVID.
    Keep on keepin’ on David…
    Giant slayer…
    Thanks& Namaste too.

  3. Amber says:

    Well said, every post, well said. I enjoy reading them. Today’s post gave me a laugh, being the Alabama branch of the Wood / Cass tree, ruts sounded familiar, I remember being confused by that one.

    Have a wonder filled day!

  4. Darrell Moore says:

    David an old friend had a 74 Beetle with an exhaust leak in the heater coil. Driving in the winter created a conundrum in that if you wanted heat, you had to roll down the windows or risk carbon monoxide poisoning. When the mechanical damper was opened to allow heat into the car the “non-lead free” exhaust fumes poured in. As for the ruts in life you know what they say, “a rut is just a shallow ditch open on both ends and at the top.”
    Life is tuff! Always has been. However… Are you sitting down? Ok. No need to answer that. You may not like this, but. I heard you say that you spent wasted time praying to be healed, and that never happened. What if you’re healing comes after you leave this ole world? That is what the bible says. We will all be changed in the blink of an eye, out of the body present with the Lord, so on and so on.
    You think you made the choice to hang around on “this side of the dirt” but I say God gave the person the ability to engineer proper medical equipment for uses like you have. Additionally, you will not know the lives you may have saved from Hell until you get to heaven yourself. You are here today because he allowed you to be, and he is not wasting your talent or your story. God is using you. We don’t like being used. Unfortunately, you may have had some bad experiences with so-called healing ministries too. It is discouraging to be told God is going to heal you and the person telling you this is acting on his own enthusiasm, and not Gods will at the moment. See we live in a fallen world where chemical companies make poison for money and people call themselves healers for money. Keep praying!
    The hardest thing to do is pray to God for his will and not ours. Remember Jesus said ‘Father if be possible let this cup pass from me, nevertheless thy will be done.” I tell people God is good! He does not throw pregnant women against the wall, we do. He isn’t responsible for children dying of starvation, we are. We have polluted this world and caused the disease’s that rob us of time on earth. You know what? I’m not so in love with this place to begin with.
    Hang in there D you are the toughest hombre I personally know. Love you man.

  5. Darrell Moore says:

    David, How about this! After I wrote the previous reply, I started reading my email. Below is Dr Charles Stanley’s daily devotion, for today! I had no clue what his message today was about. It’s just conformation buddy, from God to you, through Stanley and me. Coincidental????? Nahhh its God!

    Heaven: Our Eternal Home

    Read | John 14:1-4

    Jesus warned His disciples that He would soon be going away. However, the Lord also promised to return someday and take them to a home that He’d have prepared for them (John 14:3). This verse confirms to us that heaven is a real place.

    According to the Bible, Christians have citizenship in paradise (Phil. 3:20), our treasure is stored there (Matt. 6:20), and it will be our eternal home (1 Thess. 4:17). God is not describing a celestial dream world. Rather, all believers can confidently look forward to being gathered there, in a tangible dwelling place.

    Every Christian’s spirit enters God’s presence immediately after physical death (2 Cor. 5:6). Once the Lord’s timing is fulfilled for the world’s tribulation and judgment, He will renew all things. First, our bodies will be resurrected as immortal, pain-free, and vigorous sheaths for our spirits (1 Cor. 15:42). Later, earth will be transformed into an uncorrupted paradise, and we will also have access to a heavenly city—the new Jerusalem (Rev. 21:10-27).

    In these two spheres of heaven, God’s children will spend eternity serving and worshipping Him. Despite misconceptions about reclining on clouds and playing harps, we won’t be sitting around, doing nothing! We will rest, but this holy respite is from all the things that make life on earth so wearying— temptation, heartache, trials, and pain.

    Paradise is beyond our imagination, but we do know that the believer’s life goes on in heaven. As citizens of that realm, we will take up the work of serving and praising God. Moreover, we will enjoy unlimited energy and perfect harmony among the Lord, ourselves, and other saints.

  6. Roy Payne says:

    Yes had a very old one in my teens,bought it for the winter to keep my pride and joy
    Suzuki bike clear from salts and snow.never let me down.
    Enjoy your words David 🙂

  7. Kelley Benicoff says:

    I enjoy this post so much. Every time I read it, I smile. A true inspiration of life and life’s struggles. The wind, rain and darkness may impair our vision through the struggle of daily trials. But as you said, “We MUST come up swinging” and fight like hell. As long as we continue moving through the storm and don’t quit, IT WILL PASS OVER US.We will see the sun rise, hear the peace through the woods and admire the flowers blooming. Every storm runs out of rain, we just can’t run out before it does. You and Carey are filled with “good fight”. The two of you together can and will conquer all that life throws at you. The rainbow is just ahead my friends, just keep moving forward. My thoughts are with you guys even when I’m not there. Thanks so much for inspiring me and giving me the opportunity to know one of the best couples I have ever met. Keep writing David it helps people more than you know!!

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