White Student Union, What Is Your Gut Reaction?

founder Patrick SharpGeorgia State University freshman Patrick Sharp has stirred up controversy on campus before classes have commenced this fall. Sharp has proposed the formation of a White Student Union club that school officials are considering. The freshman is quick to point out his union is not a hate group. “Are black student unions racist? Are Latino student unions racist? Are any of those other things racist? There’s really nothing about our union that separates us from them,” Sharp said.

White Student Union flierThe kid makes a compelling argument (USA TODAY video report), but after 52 years of never thinking in terms of “white” at first blush I find Sharp’s proposed union offensive. Now, there is an oxymoronic battle waging in my head. Why am I not offended when minority groups celebrate their culture and uniqueness, but if I think of celebrating my white heritage the immediate thought is OH MY GOD THAT IS RACIST! Society has not taught me to be color blind, but it certainly blinded me to see white. I see both scenarios as societal failures.

protest sign gsuThe minorities interviewed were college age and have never experienced Jim Crow laws, but the unanimous opinion is a white student union could not be anything but an ignorant racist hate group comparing it to the KKK and Hitler’s Nazi Party. I find their opinions extraordinarily ironic and ignorant, but they are just wet behind the ears college kids. I could dismiss this prevailing opinion as inexperience, but someone is feeding their ignorance. Being too young to fully appreciate the civil rights movement at the time, I am baffled by the present day desire of minorities to be separate but equal, the polar opposite of what great civil rights leaders died for. I am speaking of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Black Entertainment Television, Black Miss America, etc.

Black Student Union gsuPatrick Sharp has not said on the record his motivation is to reveal the irony in the minority separatist groups, but it doesn’t require a rocket surgeon to see the obvious. Over thirty years ago I talked an older friend into quitting his job and going to college. He was intelligent and just tossing suitcases for Delta. To save money he lived with his parents and enrolled at Georgia State University. This predated Georgia’s enormous Hispanic influx. My buddy immediately hated the university, because of how the black groups were so in your face particularly with white students. With the demographic shift of Atlanta since then I do not see the forceful pride lessoning. I can understand a young white student feeling the absurdity.

Folks, race relations are in the crapper and denial of the rapidly growing uneducated impoverished segment of the black population as a result of single teens having children will not make this epidemic problem go away,  A white student union is the tip of the iceberg of problems. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

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  1. jake hazzmat says:

    You can have black this black that, la Raza,brown pride,why not white pride???

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