You Don’t Have to Look Far

Depression is a wicked beast. Chemical imbalance or reality induced the weight of the world becomes unbearable without assistance. I have been there. I am not going in that direction today. However, life does have an habitual way of piling on and making us say poor poor pitiful me. A myriad of legitimate reasons exist causing this immersion in self pity. Sometimes life just sucks. When it does wallow around in it for a bit so when life does turn around and you’re riding high you can fully appreciate how beautiful it is on top. But I digress because we’re still floundering in self sorrow. I try to remember when down in the dumps I don’t have to look far to find someone that really has problems. The thought successfully adjusts my perspective.

In 1996 I had the honor and privilege of meeting my hero and attitude adjustment. Heather has severe Cerebral Palsy. Caused at birth she will never know the experiences of 26 years I cherished in a healthy body. I assisted Heather with learning the augmentative communication software I use. Constantly battling health complications a smile rarely departs her face and belly laughs are quick to erupt. Her health postponed high school graduation several years. It was spring quarter of her senior year, prom season. She needed a date. Her father declined. I was given the highest honor of my life when she asked me to escort her. She in her formal and me in my tux danced the night away in our wheelchairs.

As a child my Mom would tell me there were starving children in China when resisting to eat slimy canned asparagus. My young mind immediately began thinking logistics and wondered how much postage would be required. I failed to find the correlation in her plea. Now with a mature eye I guess I could choke them down if starving, but I try my best not to waste precious energy feeling sorry for myself. No one is going to get me out of a funk but me. If real problems put me in this mental disposition I need all of my strength and determination to resolve issues. Life is too short to stay in the basement long. Take the express elevator to the penthouse, you deserve to be there. Thanks for reading. Have a great day! dj

One comment on “You Don’t Have to Look Far
  1. Amy says:

    We need to keep our finger on the elevator button until we get to the top!

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