You Gotta Laugh

Watching a news broadcast about the recent death of Annette Funicello I was saddened how multiple sclerosis had turned her beautiful face to an emotionless canvas. The segment continued with a young actress, that had played Annette in a remake of a sixties film, lament how she could not imagine a worse fate being locked in a body that could not move or could not talk. I found myself totally caught up in the emotion thinking how horrible for the most famous Mouseketeer to conclude her life. As I let that thought marinate a moment a tsunami engulfed my consciousness, “Good Lord David, that’s you!”

I had never viewed myself with such a perspective and certainly never allowed room for self pity. This required further contemplation. Why didn’t I see my reality this way? I suppose since I was diagnosed so young dying was not an option, because I had not lived. A veracious appetite for additional experiences I did not care how they were accumulated as long as I could notch my belt.

Of course if the diagnosing neurologist would have said you will become totally paralyzed unable to speak, eat or breathe and after two decades of that you will experience extraordinary happiness I would have known he was insane. Accurately predicting how one will react in most situations is impossible until you’re chest deep in muck, mire and gators.

When life is difficult and not going to change in the foreseeable future it must be approached with a sense of humor. Bitching and moaning will never accomplish anything productive. When Carey first did my care solo she was putting me in the shower chair when she looked up to see my upper body hanging off the side unsupported. A little farther and I would have been up close and personal with the carpet. I was laughing uncontrollably and that defused the situation keeping Carey from panicking. This lovely disease has caused me to poop in my britches, laughter is the only way to get through it. My mug was on the cover of a magazine, I was laughing hysterically. Why? I had just peed in my pants. The list is infinite.

red redLife is challenging for most, sometimes the valleys seem endless. You gotta laugh to get through it. Once on the other side you can let the good times roll! Have a great day! dj

5 comments on “You Gotta Laugh
  1. Debbi Howard says:

    So true! We do really need a sense of humor to get through life, don’t we?

    I love that picture you posted.

  2. Roy Payne says:

    Hi David,

    Yep me too always had to laugh about the silly things I’ve done in my life,
    since my condition little has changed,for the moment I still have a voice
    Since not being able to work spend a good deal of time at home,
    Answering many cold sales calls on the phone,I challenge myself and
    Time myself to keep them on the phone for as long a possible in a kind
    and pleasant manner and made friends from Indian call centres.
    As with pooing pants yep been there done that,always at the worst possible
    Time and place truth is never laughed in the moment but smiled in hindsight.

    Give my very best to Carey:-)

  3. Carey Jayne says:

    Ok, the shower chair mishap. David was laughing…I wasn’t! I thought I was going to break him in half…have you noticed how big he is! Haha there are SO many stories like that, where I’m screaming and Davids smiling! Great post Love!

  4. Lisa Williams says:

    You are so funny…I love you my friend.

  5. Ron Clower says:

    I am enjoying every moment with you two. It is a joy seeing your grins and hearing her laughter. Have a great day my friend.

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